Fort Peck Summer Theatre

DISNEY'S Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins look 1  rendering

Jane and Michael Banks Costume rendering for act:1 

Andy Meyers (Bert) Act: 1 look

Let's Go Fly A Kite Chorus

Pam L. Veis (Miss Andrews)

Feed The Birds. Alicia Bullock-Muth (Bird Woman)

Andy Meyers (Bert) Act: 1 look

Mary's entrance for Let's Go Fly A Kite. Mary had to both be lifted and fly by harness through the show.

Pam L. Veis (Miss Andrews)

Jamie Michael Parnell (Mr. George Banks) and Andy Meyers (Bert)

Assorted second dress rehearsal photos. Photography by Courtney Foxworthy

Mrs. Corry rendering.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as performed by Fort Peck's resident and local company. Haley Owens (Mrs. Corry) Photography by Courtney Foxworthy

photography by: Nick Viara

Photography by Nick Vaira. Jolly Holiday. Quinn Vaira (Mary Poppins) and Andy Meyers (Bert) 

The Banks Family: Jamie Michael Parnell (Mr. George Banks), Chae Clearwood (Mrs. Winifred Banks), Kaylin Poirier (Michael Banks) and Kaitlyn Miller (Jane Banks) Photography by Courtney Foxworthy.

Step In Time

Fort Peck's production of Mary Poppins, with a cast size of 47 people, was put up in three weeks. Due to the rural location of the theater one shopping and pulling trip was arranged that lasted for two days. Everything else was either made or pulled from the theater's stock. The costume shop consisted of the designer, the assistant designer, and a handful of actors when they were not in rehearsal.  The cast and creative team had a double cast of children and only one dress rehearsal and a preview to perfect this magical show.


Directed by: Heather Adams

Costume Design by: Courtney Foxworthy

Assistant costume design by: Corrine  Schaible

Set design by: Michaela Lynne Stein

Lighting Design by: Spencer Perry


Fort Peck, Montana

summer, 2016